Guatemala Suspends Marlin mine

Human rights and environmental organizations applaud the decision, urge President Colom’s government to protect communities against retaliation Washington, D.C.—Guatemala’s President Alvaro Colom announced yesterday that he is suspending operations at the Marlin mine, which is operated by Vancouver-based Goldcorp, Inc. According to the Guatemalan government, the process to shut down the mine might take months. … Continue reading

139 International and National Organizations Demand Executive Compliance with the Precautionary Measures MC-260-07139 in Favor of the Maya Mam and Sipacapan People

Guatemala, June 4,  2010 Concerned over the situation of the Mam and Sipacapan people regarding the mining operations of the company Montana Exploradora, North American and European networks that work for the protection of human rights, promote sustainable development, democracy, global justice and solidarity between the Global North and the Global South in their countries … Continue reading