FAQ: What You May Not Know About Goldcorp’s Marlin Mine in Guatemala

For those that have taken our action asking the Canadian Pension Plan to vote FOR the shareholder resolution, you may have received or may soon receive a response from Goldcorp, which demonstrates why urgent action is still necessary.

As you will find summarized in the FAQ sheet, the company fails to address key issues that have led to complaints pending before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) and that led this body of the Organization of American States to issue precautionary measures in May 2010, which include the temporary suspension of operations at Goldcorp’s Marlin mine.

Except for the IACHR, communities have little or no effective access to justice or remedy for the adverse impacts that Canadian mining companies operating abroad are having on their social fabric, security, and wellbeing. Your help to ensure its effectiveness is vital. Goldcorp should voluntarily comply with the IACHR recommendations.

Goldcorp’s argument that the temporary suspension of the Marlin mine would violate the right to work is specious. Goldcorp’s own Human Rights Assessment identifies that the company, through its operations, violates labour rights by not providing a living wage, preventing workers from organizing, and failing to ensure safe working conditions.

Furthermore, the company is fully capable of sustaining the costs of such a suspension and to ensure that others who might be affected do not suffer undue hardship as a result. According to Goldcorp’s financial statements for 2010, the Marlin mine was the company’s second largest source of earnings in 2010. Indeed, the company’s total assets in 2010 now exceed the GDP of Guatemala.

Please take a moment to send the online action copied below to other lists or people who would be interested in responding. Your help in this joint effort is vital in the defence of human rights.

Thanks for your support.

Please redistribute widely!!! And link to our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=219883401356081

Tell the Canadian Pension Plan to vote for shareholder resolution 


Resolution asks Goldcorp to respect international law and voluntarily suspend the Marlin mine in Guatemala

The Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board currently has $256 million worth of shares in Goldcorp, the company that operates the highly-contested Marlin mine in Guatemala’s western highlands. In May 2010, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) issued precautionary measures urging that the mine be suspended in order to ensure the health and safety of affected communities, and as a result of the severity of alleged underlying human rights violations regarding the lack of consultation and consent from local indigenous peoples. Almost a year later, the Marlin mine continues operating; intimidation and threats persist against those who are critical or outspoken against the mine.

Shareholders have presented a resolution to Goldcorp asking the company to voluntarily suspend operations at its Marlin mine in compliance with the precautionary measures. The proposal comes in the wake of violent confrontations at the mine site and highlights the increasing national and international press focus on this issue.

Through your pension payments, Canadians help finance Goldcorp’s operations and alleged human rights abuses in the Americas.

Please take action today to tell the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board to vote for the shareholder resolution. 

This action was brought to you by the International Coalition Against Unjust Mining in Guatemala (CAMIGUA– La Coalición Internacional Contra la Minería Injusta en Guatemala).  CAMIGUA is a coalition of Canadian and United States-based advocacy and solidarity organizations working with Guatemalan allies to support mining-affected communities in Guatemala.  For more information, visit https://goldcorpoutofguatemala.com/.

FAQ: What You May Not Know About Goldcorp’s Marlin Mine in Guatemala

Sources: FAQ What you may not know about Goldcorp’s Marlin Mine in Guatemala_May 2011


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