Guatemalan communities are saying no to Tahoe Resources – US and Canadian investors should too!

topacio_funeralGuatemalan communities are saying no to Tahoe Resources –
U.S. and Canadian investors should too! 

In January 2014, U.S. and Canadian listed mining company Tahoe Resources, began production on the Escobal silver mine located in southeastern Guatemala despite broad-based opposition, as well as ongoing violence and repression. The Escobal mine is Tahoe’s only project. Goldcorp, known for ongoing human rights violations at Guatemala’s Marlin Mine, holds 40% of Tahoe Resources’ shares.

 Tahoe Resources is a dangerous investment. Here’s why:


  • Deadly violence against prominent opponents of the project continues. In an April 2014 attack seven kilometers from the mine, youth leader in resistance to the mine, Topacio Reynoso, was shot and killed. Her father was seriously injured.
  • Tahoe sued the Guatemalan government for failing to protect its operations from social protest, while downplaying the breadth of opposition to its investors. One year after the company filed the suit, the government declared a state of siege in municipalities that had voted against the mine. Heightened militarization of communities has continued ever since.
  • Repression and criminalization has increased as Tahoe ramped up production. Since 2012, nearly 90 legal cases have been filed against people opposed to the project. In 2013, mine private security shot and injured six protesters. Alberto Rotondo, former Tahoe head of security, is under arrest, awaiting trial for his alleged participation in the attack.
  • Tens of thousands of people have voted against mining. In just one of fourteen local referenda to date – in Topacio Reynoso’s hometown of Mataquesquintla – over half of eligible voters participated and 96% said no to mining.                    

Call on U.S. based TIAA-CREF and the Canada Pension Plan to divest from Tahoe Resources! 

U.S. residents click here                              Canadian residents click here

Not invested in TIAA-CREF or not paying into the Canada Pension Plan? You can still take action! Want to do more?
Contact to receive an information packet on how to contact other Tahoe investors.

For NISGUA’s full letter to TIAA-CREF click here.
For MiningWatch Canada’s full letter to the Canada Pension Plan click here.


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